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Rogers (1960/61) Holiday Set, Cleveland, Ohio 

14x20, 8x12x,16x16 with matching Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum (Nr. 3585, Papertag) 5x14 Black 

Finish: Diamond Pearl, all Drums with Tags, Chrome in excellent condition, only some minor pitting, 12" tom has scratch in Finish, see Picture, There is no cymbal arm included, bearing edges are ok. The wrap is tight at the seals. Cracked Lugs 4 BD, 3 Stand Tom, 2 Rack Tom, 2 Snare (some have only 2-3 mm cracks).

chf 4'500.- (complete with SD!)

Foot pedal (1920ies)

chf 50.--

Marching Drum (Italy, 1930ies). Exhibition item. Not repaired, not playable.

chf 50.--







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