«Lauper-Drums» produces snare drums for the demanding musician. The use of only the highest quality materials is standard practice and makes them first class instruments. Great quality, objective advice, reliability and a customer specific service distinguish the company «Lauper-Drums». The snare drums are available in sizes from 08“ to 15“. As well as the drum sets, we only produce to order and from the specific demands and ideas of the customer. If it’s maple, beech, cherry, birch or any other wood, if it’s a piccolo, sopranino or a deeper sized snare drum; every instrument is a unique piece and a REAL custom snare drum.

Specialties of ours are the Vintage-Snares in Beech, Maple or Birch. The special shells of these drums are produced exclusively for «Lauper-Drums». If you like a throw off from Trick, Nickel Drumworks or another strainer, if you like PureSound, Canopus snare wires or prefer another product, Remo-, Evans- , or Aquarian snare heads: We mount all your favourite parts! Also, visually our snares and drum sets are top class. All lacquering is made with a special and demanding procedure. Because of the many lacquer plies the finish gets a deeper effect and is very shock resistant. The unique lacquering procedure has a positive effect on the acoustic properties of the shells. We also use antique techniques of waxing and staining or wraps.

The one and only: The Barrique Pinot Noir Snare Drum

Since 2004, Lauper Drums produces it’s genuine oak snares, made from used wine barrels. This versatile drum became one of our best selling snares and is manufactured only on demand. All sizes from 10“ – 14“ and depths from 3,5“ – 7“ available.


  Barriques (wine barrels), especially those made of oak, have long been used as containers in which wine is typically aged. Aging in oak  typically imparts desirable vanilla, butter and spice flavors to wine. The barrels that are used for storing wine can vary in size, but the most common are barriques (225 liters). Local winemakers use high quality French oak barrels for their Pinot

Noir. These barrels are mostly made in nearby Burgundy (France). Once used, they are often bought by distillers. 


Winemakers can order barrels with the wood on the inside of the barrel having been lightly charred or “toasted” with fire, medium toasted, or heavily toasted.Lightly „damaged“ or black spots in the inside of a snare drum is caused by this technique.

Lauper Drums buys barriques from a winemaker in our village. Once transported to our joinery, we dismount the barrels and we let the shelves dry for at least 2 months.


We sort out the useable shelves and they are glued together by hand to the form. This work has to be done extremely careful and precise. We let the forms dry for 2 days. They are now turned into raw drum shells.

Now we saw the shells to the desired sizes and the bearing edges are cut.

To satiate the wood, the shells are oiled 2 times.

Within a short time, the shells turn into noble drums!


Technical details

shells: lauper-segment-shell (9-11 mm thick)

wood: french oak. 200 years old

finish: natural oil or custom finishes

lugs: handmade Lauper-lugs, nickled brass

delay of delivery: 4-12 weeks

price: from 1’600 Swiss francs including  the piece of oak as seen on the pic below

production per year: maximum 3 snares

options: all (hoops, heads, finishes, strainers, wires, screws, laquers, sizes and whatever)


from chf 400 (8" and 10" snare)

up  to 

chf 1'800 (High-end Barrique Snares)






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